The CLIPS website was created to help science undergraduates improve their communication skills. The website is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and always available to students when they need support for their assessment.

Many undergraduate science programs struggle to find time or space in the curriculum to teach communication skills, which can result in courses relying on text documents or links to websites to distribute advice or guidelines on specific assessment. To help improve the student learning experience, the CLIPS website uses a multimedia-rich platform to give access to key information without students having to search through class handouts, textbooks, or cumbersome course websites for communication information.

Each CLIPS module targets an area of science communication frequently encountered in an undergraduate science degree. The modules include core information on communication; guidelines for planning, designing, and presenting; interviews with academics; field-specific examples; and links to additional resources. Our aim is to provide students with a richer and more colourful experience to learning about communication in science.

The CLIPS project was funded through a University of Queensland technology-enhanced learning grant.

The CLIPS Team

portrait of susan rowland

Prof Susan RowlandThe University of Queensland
Susan conducts research projects in which she builds and evaluates new educational experiences for students – her goal is to help science students develop professionalism through authentic learning and practice. Her current project focuses on work integrated learning opportunities for science students.

portrait of kay colthorpe

Dr Kay ColthorpeThe University of Queensland
Kay’s research focuses on assessment and feedback in the sciences, and the development of students’ scientific reasoning and communication skills, particularly through the use of inquiry-based classes.

portrait of louise kuchel

Dr Louise KuchelThe University of Queensland
Louise’s research investigates ways to improve communication abilities of science students through the design, testing and implementation of effective curricula, class activities and assessment methods.

portrait of james hardy

James HardyThe University of Queensland
James is responsible for the creation of CLIPS content and ensuring the website runs smoothly. If you’re having any technical problems with the website, please contact James.