Communication skills for science jobs

CLIPS for Work is the latest addition to the CLIPS website. Although elements of CLIPS for University are relevant to the workplace, searching for work or beginning work in a scientific workplace can bring new challenges to graduates.

Communication resources for scientific workplaces

The 5 modules cover aspects of communication associated with working in scientific workplaces. We’ve added interviews with employers and employees from a variety of scientific workplaces to help guide you in gaining experience, applying for jobs, building networks, and improving workplace communication skills.


Think of self-presentation as the way you want to be seen by others in certain situations. What impression do you want to make? How does the best version of yourself appear? How can you ensure that someone thinks of you in a particular way?

You may be familiar with the way people create a profile of themselves on social media through the photos, comments, and pages they share. The profile created through social media may not be entirely accurate, but it is important to recognise that social media is a form of communication that helps to create a profile of a person.

Self-presentation for work

In relation to work, you need to consider what image of yourself you want to present to employers and colleagues. Keeping this image in mind, you should make a conscious effort to ensure all of your written, verbal, and non-verbal communication reinforces this image.

In each of the CLIPS for Work modules there will be a small section on self-presentation. The information provided will highlight the aspects of self-presentation that you should consider in relation to the specific module. The information should help guide you when you’re thinking about different aspects of communication in the workplace.

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